Publication of second edition

The second edition of High Impact Fee Negotiation and Management for Professionals will be published in early February by Kogan Page.

High Impact Fee Negotiation Book, second edition

For more details go to: 2nd Edition: High Impact Fee Negotiation and Management for Professionals


Additional content of second edition

The new edition contains the following additional topics:

Negotiating with style

This section explores the impact of individuals’ styles and how they can affect negotiations.

The impact of culture and gender

This chapter takes a look at the impact of culture and gender on negotiators’ behaviours. It also looks at the difficulties associated with cross cultural negotiations.

Summary findings from negotiation research

In this chapter we review how partners from different firms and countries approach setting effective vetoes and targets.

You can download a sample chapter by clicking Sample Chapter . You can download the table of content here.

Anyone interested in pre-ordering an advanced copy can do so here: Pre-order from publishers now, or from any of the online book retailers. Alternatively – contact me.

I look forward to hearing your feedback to the revised edition.

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