Happy and successful 2018

To all readers of this blog,

I would like to wish you a happy and successful 2018

2018 is likely to prove just as interesting negotiation year as 2017 proved to be the case.


It will be fascinating to watch the progress of the Brexit negotiations. I have been impressed by the EU’s chief negotiator’s ability to establish and hold a clear negotiation position. Not easy with 26 EU countries and their own interests. I have been equally flabbergasted by the UK’s poor negotiation preparations. The negotiation team continue to underestimate the EU’s negotiation strength. They also appear to rely on charm and personality rather than negotiation competencies. The UK’s chief negotiator’s position is not helped by the Government’s and Conservative Party’s split position on this topic.

Many UK citizens may have had good reasons to have been dissatisfied with the EU. Brexit remains however economic and political madness and I think will be regretted sooner than most people think. It would have been far better for all to have had the UK actively drive reform of the EU.


At the start of the year there appear chinks of hope. There are indications that the two Koreas may find ways of moving towards a less belligerent state of affairs. The Olympic games appear to be a good catalyst for positive engagement. Good and sensitive negotiations will no doubt be essential in maintaining a constructive dialogue. One of the biggest obstacles in this process will no doubt be the perceived lack of reliability on concessions promised. Let’s hope that the two Koreas will find a constructive way forward and that their efforts will not be torpedoed by an ignorant and arrogant US president

Best wishes for the coming 12 months and beyond. I look forward to receiving your feedback as ever

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