Use your vacation to improve your negotiation skills

As I am on vacation this month here is a short thought:

Why not try to use your time on vacation to practice “negotiation”?

Unless you are in a vacation spot that you regularly return to why not try your hand at  negotiation with a few of the local vendors? It is amazing what a bit of practice can do to help sharpen one’s skills and perceptions.

When you go shopping for souvenirs or clothing watch the shop owners or sales assistants. You will quickly spot the differences between those who know how to sell and negotiate and those who are out of their depths. You will also notice how those who are good at these skills will actually be more succesful and have more satisfied customers.

If you are willing to give this a go here are some quick tips:

Watch the salespeople. Observe how they negotiate – some will be great, others will be poor. Recognising the good, the bad and the indifferent and the reasons why will be highly instructive.

Look to establish anchors (set low prices) and try out some new approaches like information exchange. What could you tell them that would make them think that they need to cut the price. One example would be to say that you already have an item like the one you are looking at and that you don’t really need this one.

Go for ambitious openings or try to trade concessions rather than give them away.

Definitely practice flinching! Watch how they flinch – are these credible? Do they work?

What do you have to lose? At worst you will have made a mess of things, had a laugh and the other side will never see you again. At best you may have learned something and discovered a new approach that may well work back at the office. You may also save some money and strengthen a vital commercial skill

Try it and have a great holiday.

Good luck

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